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Supporting you with creative strategies to enhance Quality of Life for your loved one with Dementia, while reducing caregiver stress & burnout for yourself.

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Welcome to Artful Connections

Our mission is to help you, the caregiver, to reduce stress and overwhelm for yourself, while enhancing Quality of LIfe for the people you care for. Check out our services below!

Online Courses for Caregivers

Our online courses for Caregivers, follow a 3 Pillar System to: 1) Take care of yourself first. Our arts-based activities are not only fun, they engage a part of the brain that helps reduce stress. 2) Adapt the process to co-create with the people you care for. The collaborative process promotes greater connection and many moments of joy. 3) Include a larger community of family and friends to share in a creative journey of learning, creating and playing together.


"Create Dates" in Peterborough, Ontario

A "Create Date" gives family caregivers of elderly people a much needed break while we engage their loved one in person-centered art-making and co-creation. We report back to you, which arts-based activities result in the most joyful and meaningful outcomes, so you and other family members can have your own “Create Dates” while enhancing "Quality of Life" and making “new” joyful memories with your loved one. 




Whether you are working with an individual, family or community; expressive arts & puppetry have an important role in supporting communication, self-expression,  problem-solving, storytelling and healing. In our engaging workshops, you learn by creating, so you can apply what you learn immediately, in the work you do with others. 



Funders & Community Partners Who Have Supported Our Programming

"Shelley King embodies Play, Fun and Laughter while giving people the tools to navigate difficult times and emotions safely and creatively!! Her Artful Connections workshops and services inspire the imagination while gently helping participants bring out their true Inner Child. For healthier individuals, families and organizations alike, Shelley King and Artful Connections are a must!"

Cynthia Mitchell
Life Coach, Educator, Speaker (

"Thank you, Shelley, for giving such a fun and informative workshop. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and came away with additional tools & ideas to help in both our work and personal lives. The supplies you provided were terrific. Your ideas and encouragement boosted everyone's confidence and unleashed their artistic side. We all had such a blast !"

Marna E. Martin
Owner of Trafalgar Personell

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