Facilitating Activities to Create Joy & Connection

 for People with Dementia & Their Caregivers

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Let Imagination & Creativity Replace Lost Memories

Caring for a person with dementia is tough. When a person you care for loses their memories; family, friends and caregivers often feel guilty, confused and frustrated because they don’t know how to navigate changes in personality and behaviours that result from memory loss and other changes in the brain. 

When memories you used to share are no longer accessible to your person with dementia, it's time to shift the focus to IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY. A "creative care" approach to caregiving allows you to shape "life with dementia" together, in a way that is engaging, playful and meaningful.

At Artful Connections we offer creative & engaging workshops for people with dementia, that spark imagination and take the pressure off of remembering. 

We also facilitate workshops & design resources for caregivers, to teach creative strategies & activities that create meaningful connection and many moments of shared joy with the person/people you care for.

No Time?

No problem!  You no longer have to spend hours of YOUR TIME trying to find activities that are engaging and accessible.  We have done that part for you! 

Banish guilt & cherish the time you have with your loved one, knowing you have supported them in the most meaningful ways possible.  The memories will last forever.




What About Quality of Life?

To your loved one and to you as a caregiver, dementia can seem more like a life sentence than a diagnosis.  Neither of you have control over life changes due to your loved one’s memory loss, but you both have ongoing access to imagination.  This is of utmost importance in shaping & enjoying a life worth living.  Our strategies, tutorials, workshops, and "Create Dates" coach you on how to spark imagination to create connection and joy.

How Can I Get My Family More Involved?

For extended family members and friends, visiting a loved one with dementia can be very uncomfortable & awkward, often keeping visitors away and contributing to your loved one's social isolation. Hire Artful Connections to guide you through a playful & engaging "Family Project" to give your visits meaning & pleasure for all who participate, while making creative new memories together!

Does Art-Making Really Make a Difference?

YES!  Engaging in the arts with your loved one, is very effective in reducing and eliminating the 3 Plagues. of Eldercare: loneliness, hopelessness, and boredom.

The magic of true connection happens in the PROCESS of creating together, so all activities include plenty of "creative prompts" to trigger imagination, communication, & a spirit of playfulness appropriate for every age & stage of life.


There are many ways to spark imagination and integrate creativity into the life of your loved one!

Every Caregiver is different and every person you care for is different, so it's important to find a "creative care" strategy that works for you. Here are a few options for you to consider!

Online Tutorials for Caregivers

Check out our BLOG for free tips, tutorials, activity sheets and guides.  We want to support you to bring more creativity to your "toolbox"  of Caregiver Super Powers.  


"Create Dates" in Peterborough, Ontario

A "Create Date" gives family caregivers a much needed break while we engage your loved one in person-centered art making and co-creation.  We let you know which arts-based activities result in the most joyful & meaningful outcomes, so you and other family members can have your own "Create Dates" while enhancing Quality of Life and making new joyful memories with your loved one. 


Workshops for Family Members, Caregivers & Activity Facilitators

Whether you are working with an individual or a family, creating together is a powerful tool in assisting with communication, self-expression, storytelling and healing.  In our engaging workshops, you learn how to adapt art activities to create as equal creative collaborators.  The focus is on "process" rather than "product" in order to build strong relationships throughout all phases of the dementia journey.  



In this challenging time of being a Caregiver during the Corona Virus, Artful Connections is offering FREE access to these arts-based activities for Caregivers to help reduce your stress while enhancing Quality of Life for the people you care for.

Take an On-Line Course

Are you ready to use the power of art-making in your life & work? Sign up for our introductory course, "Using the Arts to Create Joy & Connection".  It's our gift to you.  You'll learn 1. How & why using the arts makes a difference,  2. Three Mind Shifts for a"art making", & 3. Three creative activities to use with your loved one right away. Downloadable instructions and material lists are included!  


Make a Sock Puppet

Sock puppets are a lot of fun to make and have many different uses as a caregiver. 1. Puppets create an atmosphere of playfulness.  2. They are empathetic listeners.  3. They are wonderful at having conversations.  4. They  are good problem-solvers.  5. Puppets can interact with people or with other puppets, adding a whole new dimension to storytelling & problem-solving.  Make your own & put them to work.


Learn How to Use Puppets in the Work You Do With Others

At Artful Connections, we teach others how to make and use puppets as a tool for communication,  problem-solving, conflict resolution, storytelling, educating, building relationships, advocating for social change, enhancing creativity, and simply having fun and playing.  If using puppets as a tool is new to you, check out this FREE GUIDE.  


Discover the Magic of Shadow Puppetry

If you’ve ever jumped in front of a beam of light to make an "animal" shadow with your hands, you’re already familiar with the basics of shadow puppetry! What many people don't know, is how  enjoyable it is to create shadow puppet stories with others. If you’d like to explore this unique art form and set up your own compact shadow puppet stage to create with others, download your free guide. 


Funders & Community Partners Who Have Supported Our Programming

"Shelley King embodies Play, Fun and Laughter while giving people the tools to navigate difficult times and emotions safely and creatively!! Her Artful Connections workshops and services inspire the imagination while gently helping participants bring out their true Inner Child. For healthier individuals, families and organizations alike, Shelley King and Artful Connections are a must!"

Cynthia Mitchell
Life Coach, Educator, Speaker (www.sweetperspectives.ca)

"Thank you, Shelley, for giving such a fun and informative workshop. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and came away with additional tools & ideas to help in both our work and personal lives. The supplies you provided were terrific. Your ideas and encouragement boosted everyone's confidence and unleashed their artistic side. We all had such a blast !"

Marna E. Martin
Owner of Trafalgar Personell


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