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Why Use Puppets?

Change Your Communication Dynamic

Sitting together to work on making a puppet, opens the door to conversation about materials, colours, and style.  If you're making a "self puppet", it creates  excellent opportunities to explore family stories and learn more about your loved one or client. 

Strengthen Your Relationship

It's hard to know how your family member or client will be feeling during any given "visit".  If you come prepared to work on the creation of your puppet a little more (even just to add something decorative), you may find your loved one will "perk up" and take an interest in what you're doing.  Now the door is open for further engagement! 

Create Joy Through Play

Because puppets are an "animated" form of art, they naturally take on a personality of their own.  Puppets are a fun & playful tool for creating joy through singing, telling a joke, reciting poetry, sharing a story or simply adding a new perspective to a conversation.  When both you and your loved one have a puppet, just about anything can happen!

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