Insights, Tips, Ideas & Resources for Using the Arts with Elderly Seniors

Reducing Caregiver Stress While Enhancing Quality of Life for a Person with Dementia


Engaging in the Arts Leads to Quality of Life

The thought of “Engaging in the arts” while being a caregiver for a person with dementia, can sometimes stop people in their tracks. This video will put your mind at ease and help you to add this powerful strategy to your toolbox of caregiving super powers.

You’re Not Alone if You Shy Away from Using the Arts in Your Role as a Caregiver

The majority of caregivers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, did not consider themselves to be creative when we first started our work together, but they do now and they’re very proud of it! I’m going to show you how to add this very important strategy to your caregiver toolbox.

The 3 Plagues of Eldercare are:

  • loneliness
  • hopelessness, and
  • boredom.

Engaging in the arts with your loved one, is very effective in reducing and eliminating all 3 of these plagues.  So please stay with me here.

When I casually mention to family or professional caregivers, that I...

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Caregiving


People living with Dementia require a high level of support for their physical health needs.  But what about their mental, emotional and spiritual health needs?  In this video, you’ll learn some valuable tips to enhance quality of life for your loved one by taking a holistic approach to care.

Learning together, creating together and playing together are the 3 primary “areas of impact” that will support you in enhancing quality of life for your family member with dementa.  Let’s break each of these down a little, so you can get started with these Artful Connection strategies right away!

Learning Together:  Are people ever too old and frail to learn something new?  No way!  Not even when Dementia is a factor.  The secret to encouraging interest in something brand new to them, is to:

  • engage their curiosity
  • make the learning fun
  • work together as an equal partner.

Stimulating the mind, goes a long way to decreasing boredom, a...

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