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The Power of Using Puppets with People Living in Long Term Care Homes


Are you feeling discouraged by decreasing engagement and connection with your loved one or client living in a Long Term Care Home?  If you would like to move from a frustrating, deteriorating relationship, to having creative and playful interactions, I would love to share with you, the magic and power of puppetry.

At Artful Connections, what we do best is teach others (that’s you) how to make and use puppets as a tool for:

  • communication
  • problem-solving
  • conflict resolution
  • storytelling
  • educating
  • building relationships
  • advocating for social change
  • enhancing creativity, and
  • simply having fun and playing.

If you don’t have a puppet, don’t let that stop you.  You can click here for a download on how to make a super cute and creative sock puppet to get you started!

“Why puppets?”, you may be asking.  Here are just a few answers to that question.

  • puppets create an atmosphere of playfulness
  • puppets add a sense...
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