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It's "Strawberry Story" Season!

The Magic of Collaborations

Collaborations between creative people are such a magical thing!  There’s nothing like the synergy created between people who care about the same things but create something brand new together based on their unique experiences, talents and backgrounds.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful collaboration with Anne Taylor, an amazing and talented storyteller, artist, knowledge holder and leader in her community of Curve Lake, Ontario.

Anne and I were brought together as the result of a grant from the Ontario Arts Council received by the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre in Peterborough, Ontario.  Over a 2 year period, Anne and I will perform and facilitate “The Legend of the Strawberry” workshop for a minimum of 4 different indigenous groups in Eastern Ontario. 

While Anne tells the Legend of the Strawberry, as learned by Anne from the elders and...

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