"5 Simple Steps to Using Puppets with Elderly Seniors" 

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How Can Puppets Make a Difference in Your Role as a Caregiver?

The Power of Co-Creating

Making puppets together with your elderly family member or client is a fun & effective way to enhance communication, support problem solving, share stories, encourage creativity and create many moments of shared joy! 

Enhancing Quality of LIfe for Your Loved One or Client

Making & using puppets in the work you do as a caregiver, is a wonderful way to reduce social isolation, and add more engagement & meaning to the life of the person you care for.

Reduce YOUR Stress & Overwhelm

We know how overwhelming it is to be a caregiver, and we want to help! The process of creating for yourself is fun & playful, while engaging a part of the brain that helps reduce stress & overwhelm.


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